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Recognized artist and master violin maker in Mittenwald for 40 years

Instruments made by artist hand, violin maker Anton Maller

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A Maller violin is like a young headstream that springs fresh and sparkling from the mountain.

Through my work as a travelling craftsman’s in the two best string instruments in Europe I had some real Stradivari, Guarneri, Gagliano and other famous Italian violins in my hand. Through the restoration of valuable instruments, I was able to study the working methods of the old masters closely. In my new instruments, I can incorporate these findings.

In collaboration with top-class musicians, my workshop produces instruments that are ideal for soloists and orchestral musicians. The conversation with many artists allows me to find an ideal setting for the instruments through bridge, voice and fingerboard.

After my 40 years of professional experience, unique pieces of high sound quality are created under my hands.

My ambition is to create instruments that are just as good and as durable as the old Italian master instruments.

For the production of my violins I use selected woods that have been deposited for 30 years. Wood does not have a uniform structure, like glass or steel. By measuring, bending, testing and editing, it is brought to the ideal sound point.
In sensitive manual work high-quality, artistically designed soloist instruments are created according to your wishes.

The natural resin paint is mixed according to traditional recipes, applied with the brush in several layers and polished a cloth. I pay particular attention to the setting of the instrument with bridge and voice post, the „soul of the violin“.


Anton Maller – Mittenwald

Anerkannter Künstler und Geigenbaumeister in Mittenwald seit 40 Jahren

1952 geboren in Mittenwald
1970 Abschluss Geigenbauschule Mittenwald
1971 bei Max Möller  Amsterdem
1973 bei Hamma&Co Stuttgart
1973 Meisterprüfung
1974 eigene Werkstatt
1989 anerkannt als freischaffender Künstler
1990 – 96 Lehrauftrag bei der staatlichen Geigenbauschule Mittenwald
9 Jahre erster Vorsitzender Museumsverein Mittenwald zugleich Leitung Geigenbaumuseum
über 25 Jahre Mitglied des Verbands Deutscher Geigenbauer

Geigenbauschule Mittenwald



Violin Master Anton Maller

Approved artist

Workshop visits

Those interested in a Maller violin are welcome in my workshop.

In the summertime, many musicians from all over the world visit my factory seat, play my instruments and confirm the excellent sound quality:
Workshop visitors among others: Artur Medvedev, Yoojin Baik, Kim Kashkashian, Ulf Hoelscher, Sven Stucke, Judy Roberts, Francis Norman, Ji-Sov Chung, Anne Buys, Edith Peinemann, Joyce Getting, D.M.A, Harn Ushgusa, Veronika Eberle.


It was a great pleasure to see and play some of your beautiful violins.“ (Raymond Gniewek) Concertmaster, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra New York

„I always thought new violins can not sound, but your violins sound!“ (Calin Mircescu) State Orchestra Brunswick

We are so excited. Alison received your beautiful violin on Thursday, September 9, 2004. It is wounderful, and so pretty. It has a wounderful sound. Alison loves to play it. We are so happy that we have this special instrument. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. “ Susan and Alison Reindel

„I graduated last summer with 1.0, am now in the master class and will participate in the International Violin Competition in Fermo this summer.“ Senta Kraemer

These artists and soloists play on an instrument by Anton Maller:

Doris Dorer-Wien

Sebastian Leonhard-Augsburg-Barockgeige

Lukas und Eva-Maria Hamberger – Thüringen-Österreich
Frau Buchner-Cross Starnberg
Mareike Klimmek Marschall – Brasilien

Sybille Hesselbarth-Markkleeberg, Sollocellistin bei MDR
Spezialanfertigung 7/8 Cello

Violin No. 1

handcrafted 4/4 violin for teenagers after the change of the 3/4 violin
well suited for school orchestra and also for amateur musicians

Price € 3000, –

Violin No. 2

Fine handcrafted, well-seasoned wood of native spruce, through more time spent achieving very good sound quality according to their own model

Price € 4500, –

Model Stradivari

Selected wood, Mittenwalder spruce, in top quality, according to the model Stradivari. Playability and sonority, expressive tone, for the discerning amateur to the orchestra musician.
Model Stradivari on request also model Guarneri, Gagliano, Stainer or Klotz.

Price € 6000, – to € 12 000, –

Viola No. 4

Handmade viola, body length 40.5 cm, native wood.
After own draft, with shortened scale length, thereby easily playable and nevertheless strong and deep sonority.

Viola in sizes 36.5 to 42.5 cm

Price € 4000, – to € 13 000, –

Geigen Maller Video

Geigenbau in Mittenwald – Anton Maller

Audio sample of a Maller cello

von Sybille Hesselbarth + Edwin Diele | Georg Goltermann: La Foi

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